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Ethoash has now turned into a complete idiot

Post by MRed » 04 Dec 2018, 19:38

1. A buffalo isn't dumber than a lion, buffalos were born to be prey while Lions weert born to be predators. The buffalo never had a choice in life therefore how can you call them dumb? I was born Ethiopian but I never chose to be Ethiopian just as the Lion was born as a Lion. It's luck and opportunity that gets you status. I'm sure if those buffalo had a choice they would all choose to be a Lion.

2. Tigrayans have less land and less economy than Oromos and Gudelas.

3. It's than not then...

A lion has muscles, has speed and sharp teeth also claws. Nature gave them things needed to kill while the buffalo eats plants, this doesn't mean that one is smarter than other.

Buffalo mother's defend their calf to the death. Buffalos fight to stay alive.