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Re: No wonder GudelaAmharru Hodams dream to set their Mujaliam,cursed feet on Raya-Rayuma,birthplace of Tigrean revol

Post by Dawi » 04 Dec 2018, 15:13


Nice music.

The beautiful woman, the set & actors all look similar to folks anywhere in Wello Amara minus the language they're using. You are differentiating them from what you call, "GudelaAmharru" by the language they speak. That is not enough to separate them from the ones who look like them next door because many still use the same "native tongue" and speak the national language.

If you want to stop "Hodams dream", including "hungry dreams" too, from sharing the good in that beautiful scenery, the state governments need to protect it. When we talk about someone protecting it, you are implicitly giving it permission to do that with GUNS. So, the little we saw in the video will likely be destroyed. Who benefits then? Certainly not the people who live there.

There is no shortage of land & water resources in Ethiopia today; we can create thousands of such beautiful sceneries requiring minimum import of high tech stuff by just using existing huge human capital alone all over Ethiopia. Let us not be greedy! Allow the people conduct dialogues among themselves without restricting them in arbitrary boundaries.
minilikze3rd wrote:
04 Dec 2018, 03:36
In other words, the whole thing is nothing to fight about. It is not in the best interest of the folks (Raya) who live there and their kin who reside the next state. We should all look at the bigger picture.