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AGEW, QIMANT, SHINASHA etc and the Showa amhara elites

Post by banebris2013 » 04 Dec 2018, 01:46

It is very sad to see how the discussion between Amhara state leaders and the so called "Amharas" in america went. The so called Showa Amhara elites are responsible for all the historical rifts that has been going on through out Ethiopian history. They are the one who looks down on everyone including the amharas from Gondor other regions. Even among themselves, the Bulgas are superior to the like of Yifat, Tegulte etc.
As to the non-showa amharas, most of them are not amharas in real sense. They adopted being amhara through time. The wollos are a good example for this. More over this region is in separably mixed of the different people in the area, mainly oromos, agaw. tigres etc.
So for anyone that followed the discussion, most most questions from the showa elites were recycling the never-coming back past behavior. They never change no matter what. So having discussion with Showa amhara elites is waste of time as they are always about themselves and thinks they can bring back the time they were superior to everyone. Very sad to here these people in today's Ethiopia.