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How I would run Addis Ababa if I was the mayor: Mayor MRed

Post by MRed » 03 Dec 2018, 20:36

1. Invest in modern drainage systems - When it rains heavily in Addis Ababa then problems happen however this is due to lack of drainage system.
2. Invest in public parks
3. Invest in hospitals
4. Invest in public bathrooms, I would ensure every person in Addis Ababa has access to public bathroom so, our city stays clean. Homeless people in Addis Ababa have nowhere to go when they are in need of bathrooms, this needs to change.
5. Recycling would be my priority and any business that refuses to abide by the law would be fined.
6. All Ethiopians would be taught in schools within Addis Ababa about recycling and environmental impact. Every resident in Addis Ababa is required to recycle their garbage or face fines.
7. Modern sewage system + water treatment center.
8. Public transportation

Under my rule, the city would be beautiful and clean and also healthy.

The water we use in the bathroom and the water from the rainfall would be recycled and turned into clean water to drink and to cook with.

Under my rule Addis Ababa would have had a children's hospital, a cancer treatment center and also a cardiac hospital. Then the last but not least is the largest hospital in all of Africa, Finfinne Medical Center.

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Re: How I would run Addis Ababa if I was the mayor: Mayor MRed

Post by Tiago » 04 Dec 2018, 00:31

ምነው መቀሌን ጣል ጣል አደረግሽው
የመቀሌ ከንቲባ ብትሆን ይመረጣል

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