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Re: President of Tigray calls all Eritreans to relocate in Tigray to save them from the human flash eater Savage Issayas

Post by Aragaw » 04 Dec 2018, 10:56

Dawi wrote:
03 Dec 2018, 14:47
nizzy wrote:
03 Dec 2018, 06:14
Amusing, this is a good lesson to learn my fellow Eritreans. Not too long ago halafi was saying they will take Eritrean and your fellow Ethiopian people's territory and declare their greater tigray. Then he was on here calling for Debristion to be killed, how brain damaged he was and on and on. Now debristion is your accepted president?

As for Debristion's call? :lol: I think not, we remember you guys not liking the color of our eyes. Eritreans aren't interested in having their wealth stolen by TPLF thieves and their scumbag supporters again.


What if Halafi changed his mind? Give him a break.

"color of our eyes" - Meles said that at the heat of the moment but, also was the one who stopped the war which was positive. Anyway, he is not hear to apologize for that.

Maybe a commission should be created regarding " stolen wealth"; other than that, I don't see any reason why some of you Ethiopians are annoyed by the invitation of Debresion. It is Eritreans prerogative to answer the call. I think some are going to take advantage of it; no one is going to be hurt by that.

I will say, Dr. Debresion should invite Colonel Demeke and others as well to come back to their home towns and work out some deal in the self determination issues demanded.

The Eritrean government has survived separation and sanctions; I think they can live with present Debresion's invitation.
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