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miscreant debreseytan,fascist getachew, and kiftaf getachew betrayed even the brave Tigreans who kept them safe for 27y

Post by minilikze3rd » 13 Jul 2018, 00:55

Some of them are here, but most of them here no longer belong to the very intel organization they created from scratch.
Here is Isaias Weldegiorgis, one of the original architects of national intelligence and security service,who was head of foreign/external intelligence. He was the first target of the evil getachew Asefa who, right after Meles passed away,on whom Getachew Asefa and Debreseytan supported by ebuy sibat conspired against him. Helping the fascist Getachew Asefa, the cursed anarchists like ebuy sibat, getachew kiftaf, debreseytan, abay tsehye, etc, accused Isaias for being in league with Azeb Mesfin and forced him to take his early retirement versus going to kaliti.
Then they targeted weleselasse weldemichael, the vice spy-chief and head of domestic/internal intelligence, whom they sent to kaliti for they were afraind to let him go loose in the name of retirement. The removal of these two guys is what lead to the current endless spiral of instability resulting in weakening TPLF/EPRDF, there by emboldening the traitorous elements in OPDO and ANDM to plot against Tigray/TPLF/EPRDF/ETHIOPIA working with foreign forces on one hand and gudela and gumare diaspora on the other hand.