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Re: ኣብየ፣ ልቢ ትግራይ መንገድ ማየት ኣለብኝ, ኢሳያስ፣ ምንም ልዩነት የለውም መለስ ታውቐው'የለ።

Post by Abdisa » 12 Jul 2018, 22:50

I used to struggle to understand the negative trait that the Libi Tigray road was meant to represent, until I started to closely observe the behavior displayed by the Agame on this forum such as Revelations, Awash, Present, Benn, Sadacha Adwa, Kerenite, Lilay, Axumawi, Degnet...etc... who equate their evil thoughts and actions with cleverness, when they are nothing but ravening wolves in sheep's clothing.

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