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Z Pro's & Con's Of H.E. PIA Visit 2 Ethiopia @ This Moment!!!

Post by tarik » 12 Jul 2018, 19:14

1- Use z right momentum
2- Bomb rush z almost dead terrorist-tigray-tplf
3- Eritrea has a great friend and honest in dr. Abiy
4- Z World is focused and excited as we both r
5- Love and peace is on z air
6- We must not be hostage of fear but friends of change and love.
7- Z World finally can c that tplf is z main enemy of peace between Eritrea & Ethiopia

1- Evil cursed land tigray have still some power and they r going 2 try using their last evil power 4 terrorism
2- Terrorist-Tigray-Tplf r very desperate and confused and will do anything 2 destroy this event
3- We don't know how well both countries r prepared in-terms of security

Fell free 2 add more 2 z List.....
Despite all of this, i still believe H.E. PIA Should visit Ethiopia, Because I believe in * Don't Fear Death, But Fear Fear It's self* Fear can kill u before ur time. Don't fear fear. FUUUCK Terrorist-Tigray-Tplf!!!
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