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ENDF must go house to house and search for OLF supporters

Post by Yehyu » 08 Mar 2018, 13:20

Check in their rooms and check their phones, check every home in every town. Anyone with OLF or Jawar message must be executed and any Oromo who follows Jawar Mohammed must be arrested.

Ask the Oromos these questions....

What's your country?

If they say Oromia then arrest them, Oromia is a region not a country. They must say Ethiopia is their country.

2. Ask them if they would join the Ethiopian army?

If they decline then arrest them; real patriots will kill and die for their countries.

3. Ask them for their nationality, many of these Oromos are anti-Ethiopia and confused so, they would say Oromian. If they say Oromian then arrest them and imprisoned them without a trial. A real Ethiopian would declare themselves as Ethiopians because Oromo, Amhara and Tigray are simple ethnics not nations. You're Ethiopian and if you decline then arrest must be made.

4. Ask them why don't they have an Ethiopian flag and ask them if they would fly an Ethiopian flag if you gave them for free. If they insist not to do it then please put a bullet into their heads, we got OLFs. Remember only OLFs hate our flag and our country.

I proudly was flying my Ethiopian flag since I was 9 years old. I always had an Ethiopian flag in my room since I was a teenager and before I used to fly one in front of my parent's house with a pole.