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A Lesson from Guraghe’s struggle to residents of Addis Ababa. Our guests in Finfinnee, credit your future by joining Oromo’s struggle against colonial power. Latter, you will have nowhere to hide!

Post by AbebeB » 07 Mar 2018, 21:02

People of Guraghe, obviously, was anti-Oromo struggle for couple of years. The people eventually became to predict Ethiopia's political future and realized its life without Oromo is like fish out of water. Thus, we are witness that the people redefined its course and became partner with Oromo's cause. That is fair enough to be considered partner. Life in Finfinnee is even worse and it goes without saying any more. Unless you credit today, no way to collect the debit leave alone about principal's interest.

በደህና ጊዜ ያላስቀመጡት ቆማጣ
በብርድ ጊዜ ከየት ይምጣ
እንደሚባለው ሳይሆን ጀንበር ሳለች እና ብርዱም ሳይጠና ይሻላችኋል::

Therefore, you should join Oromo's anti colonial struggle to overthrow the colonial power.