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It's the Oromo, stupid! A dawn of a new era -the Oromo century is upon us

Post by Hillal » 07 Mar 2018, 18:07

The survival of the fake Ethiopian empire lies solely in hands of the Oromo people. They have fought hard and paid dearly to reach this glorious moment in Ethiopian history. For far too long, the Oromos were treated as second-class citizens and were unable to free themselves from the oppression and exploitation by the people of northern Ethiopia.

The Oromos are standing tall, taking matters into their own hands and fighting to be masters of their own destiny. The Oromos after paying all the ultimate sacrifices are not going to settle for cosmetic changes in the fossilized and morally bankrupt terrorist leadership of the TPLF.

Today, the Oromos should coordinate their activities and stand together and push forward to fulfill the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the Oromo people. This should NOT be a repetition of the 1993 fiasco. The Oromos shouldn't repeat this tragic mistake again.