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Tintagu wolloye
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We shall make chang possible by our own!Tillerson is here to ask for excuses from African leaders for the insult his boss made and to use Ethiopia as a randevu to meet Lavarov.He is not here to help.

Post by Tintagu wolloye » 07 Mar 2018, 16:16

Obama was here before and his visit, as the report from the media goes, should have been followed by radical changes as it did in Burma bla bla...But the change we seen has only been the repetitive state of emergency and the arrest and eviction of people in bibilical proportion.

Tillersen is by far a lower ranking official compared to Obama. If he has to say some thing then it would be what we are used to hear and what we actually know. Obviously he will scratch where it itches by saying that it is not OKEY TO KILL AND ARREST.

What we rather need is some concrete measures, some thing tangible than a simple lip service.We demand that the looted millions of the people get frozen in the accounts that are kept hidden from the people.We demand travle baning and international arrest warrants for the TPLF leaders that have killed thousands with inpunity.