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TPLF/Woyne says "I see color revolution in the resistance; They want to take power from me"

Post by Revelations » 07 Mar 2018, 14:23

Seriously, banda woyanes?! Did you think they just were out to be shot by you for the fun of it!

Addis Abeba, March 07/2018

Siraj Fegessa, the defense minister and chairman of the command post established to oversee the implementation of the emergency rule, said that some of the protests that flared up in various parts of the country were taking the form of “color revolution”due to the tendency of “attempts to seize state power by some actors” who are instigating the protests.

Speaking at a presser this afternoon, the defense minister also said security forces dispatched to enforce the decree have sustained violent push backs in various places that included confiscations of their weaponry and physical harm. Seventeen security forces were hurt so far, according to Siraj. He also said several areas have witnessed property damages including looting, breaking ins and torching of government offices – particularly Woreda and Kebele offices – as well as burning of public buses and government vehicles. Four vehicles were torched beyond repair and ten vehicles, including public buses, were destroyed in various places. ... ssion=true
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