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New strategic spending by MRed for Woyane

Post by MRed » 07 Mar 2018, 14:06

Look at what's happening, we are spending $350 million per year lobbying when we could be spending that money wisely.

This is what Woyanes must do....

Find someone high in FB and who's capable of both suspending FB accounts and terminating them and pay them 1 million per year. You see if you offer someone 1 million per year and you give them any account to terminate then isn't that a great deal?

We could be using this $350 million wisely....

We could target Fox news anchors also other news networks to label Jawar Mohammed, Dr. Birr and many other oppositions as terriosts. We could use the funds and pay them 1-3 million by those in power per year to get whatever we want in return.

What's next Woyane????

Target Youtube and Twitter next and suspend any OLF and AG7 related users. You need pay someone who has that authority and power. Use the money wisely and your enemies will be destroyed and Querro will be all alone with nobody to help guide it.... :lol: :lol: :lol: