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Statement about the Boycotts #OromiaStrikes #LagannaaGabaa Qeerroo and Qarree will notify you of the next modes of our resistance as of tomorrow

Post by tolaylemo » 07 Mar 2018, 13:10

Statement about the Boycotts
#OromiaStrikes #LagannaaGabaa
Today marks the third day of our market boycotts. For the last three days, our people have conducted a peaceful protest by staying at home, boycotting markets, and peacefully disengaging from any gainful economic activities. Business people, traders, workers, farmers, students, teachers, civil servants, and people in transport and hospitality services have stood together in protesting and rejecting the State of Emergency (SOE) and the fraudulent attempt at passing the decree in Parliament.

Our people have emphatically, unequivocally, and comprehensively rejected the SOE. THE boycott was a repudiation of the SOE and all its aspects (form and content, process and substance). The regime's attempt to extend its rule of violence and to terrorise our people into silence is defied once more. The boycott has shown that the regime's violent schemes (in the form of declared or undeclared state of emergency) do not work any more.

We salute our people who took part in this boycotts. We are mindful of the sacrifices you made. We honor your standing in unison from corner to corner (acting as one from East to West, North to South). We pay tribute to your success once more.

As we conclude this round of boycotts tonight, we thank everyone who took part in this.

We thank the Qeerroo and Qarree.

We also thank our farmers, workers, students, teachers, traders, hospitality and transport business owners, business entrepreneurs, civil servants, and local government officials.

You have all been selfless in your dedication to forgo your gains in order to stand for your rights, to stand against a regime that is killing, maiming, displacing, and otherwise inflicting unspeakable suffering on our people on a daily basis.

You have been courageous to stand firm in defense of the quest for justice, dignity, equality, and democracy even in the face of a brutal killing machine.

We conclude the boycotts tonight. But the struggle goes on.

As we conclude this series of boycotts, we call on the regime to formally revoke the SOE unconditionally and address all the demands of the people.

We also call on the regime to immediately start a discussion with the opposition political parties and all other stakeholders to chart out a peaceful transition to an inclusive and democratic dispensation.

The resistance continues.

Qeerroo and Qarree will notify you of the next modes of our resistance as of tomorrow.

We have beaten the odds.

We have defied their violence.

We shall outlive their rule.

We shall overcome.

#OromoRevolution #Qeerroo