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Re: ESAT’s፡ አንድ የተደራጀ የፓለቲካ ኃይል ካለ ንገሩን ለመቀላቀል እንፈልጋለን በማለት ፎቶግራፋቸውን ይልካሉ ለተባለው፡፡ Next page helps on what you might advise them.

Post by AbebeB » 06 Mar 2018, 13:33

Here is one of the likely working procedures in Oromia:
1. The soldier seeking to depart from Agazi should be in his/her military uniform. No more than two persons approach is acceptable. The soldiers might have peers but not during the "search the way".
2. He/she should speak to crowed of Qeerroo in Afaan Oromoo about the evil deeds of TPLF.
3. Meanwhile he/she must hint about his/her nationality and birth place as it can help someone else to trace it immediately by independent investigation.
4. This must repeat a number of times under different circumstances in that same village/city. Up to this stage, no one might seem to care about what the soldier might talk. He/she doesn’t have to worry but does as outlined.
5. Following such communication, you can find someone struggling to give you gesture toward such topic.
6. Depending on how you understand the gesture (which also requires psychological feeling), you will meet someone speaking to himself about the current frustration in Oromia.
7. This time the person who wanted departure from TPLF Agazi should have courage to plainly ask saying who is governing this area. I wanna talk to. Then, phrase that I must not say it here (but it is discourages) could be spoken by someone just to see response of the possible candidate. The candidate to departure needs to be courageous to renounce the discouraging phrase by someone else. Then appointment will be made and it will be arranged for her/him very soon and he/she will know the one there.
8. Finally, to ESAT, if you are serious on this issue someone might contact your office. Let you publicly state that you are ready to be contacted. But anticipate the direction from above given outline and decide if it might commensurate to the interest you reported.