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My last message to the [email protected] Querro: War isn't a holiday

Post by Eth0ash » 27 Feb 2018, 14:58

Do you think war is holidays my friends, how come you call for a protest and then stop. Woyane is like python, what this means if every-time you breath, it gets closer to taking your life. You know pythons kill their prey by taking their breath away. If the Minneapolis hooligan Jawar Mohammed wants to declare an all out war against Woyane then here is what you should do to win this war. No more diplomacy and no more hope, remember the greatest enemy to you is hope.

Hope is a danger, don't hope for anything.

1. The new Ethiopian railway has several bridges all the way to Djibouti, you need to bomb those bridges and make the railway useless.
2. You need to start burning all factories in Addis Ababa.
3. You need to start blowing up all bridges that lead to Tigray.
4. You need to start killing any Tigrean whether a child, woman or elderly or a man.... Kill everyone.....
5. How you make money is very important, you can loot and take everything you want by force.

The most important thing here is that a war isn't a holiday, there are no days off. You can't call a war upon Woyane and then give up because Woyane will come twice as stronger. You need to for once have the guts to declare an all out national war and continue the war, killings and [email protected] even if takes 10 years to get rid of Woyane all together. Remember if you stop, Woyane will comeback even stronger.