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Re: Galla are dangerous, they will destroy Ethiopia

Post by Khysion » 24 Feb 2018, 19:41

Atse Lebna Dengel: Don't feed the troll. It's not funny to make fun of Galla victims in the past and I wish Abyssinians to unite so they can work with us Somalis for the stability of the Horn.

Historically speaking Somalis were very successful at repelling the Galla expansion compare to the Abyssinians. Afars were a snake who made a deal with Gallas and broke away from the weakening Adal Sultanate further putting us Somalis in a fire loop. As for poor Hararis and Somalis in Hararghe were brutally slaughtered and assimilated by the primitive savage Gallas and those are the major reasons why I hate Gallas.

Furthermore, you did not kill Imam Ahmed but the Portuguese did it for you and saved you from Islamization.

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Re: Galla are dangerous, they will destroy Ethiopia

Post by Portlandia » 24 Feb 2018, 21:05

Atse Lebna Dengel wrote:
Portlandia wrote:
Atse Lebna Dengel wrote:Degnet,

Me being against galla is also from fact perspective. No one sees me here attacking Tigray, because they are brother of Amara. The enemy of Ethiopia is galla and galla only. galla always tried to lay waste Ethiopia from 16th century onwards and they still are doing it now. Kill the bad galla and completely assimilate the good galla into Ethiopian identity. We can rightfully eradicate galla identity like this.
Tigray doesnt want to be your brother thats why they gave oromo the biggest state in ethiopia. yes you can manipulate oromo by assimilating the "good" ones but it doesnt work with tigray u cant trick them :lol: u also cant trick the former adal held areas of afar and somali. those who dislike the previous ethiopia dont care if oromo turns the fields into oromia. my advice is you form alliance with your ally oromo, the same oromo who saved you from adal. i assure you if oromo had not entered the region, harar would be strong enough to contain your ancestors. :arrow:
You know what? You are right that Tigray doesn't want to be brother of Amara. Kill them all (galla and Tigray).

It's true that Nur was distracted by galla from invading Ethiopia after he annihilated Gelawdewos and his army. But even if we assumed galla didn't came and Nur invaded Ethiopia, his a$s will be kicked quickly before he totally killed or Islamized us all. Remember what happened to Gragn when he tried to destroy us. We beheaded him. :lol:

galla raped your worthless Adal beyond repair. Remember the Harari women and child who were slaughtered by galla around the wall. :lol:

The best thing for you is to beg us to be saved from galla onslaught.
Last time harar asked help from amhara was in the 13th century when dil gamis was overthrown by dilmarrah. that was a low point for hararis, it began a serious of internal conflict while the amhara grew stronger. amlak would not be able to gain so much territory, if harla werent fighting amongst eachother. due to globalization your amhara people are extremely weak today, superpowers like the united states wants to eradicate your orthodox beliefs. i rather ask help from ugandans then from amhara the despised fake axum wannabe :lol: :lol:

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Re: Galla are dangerous, they will destroy Ethiopia

Post by Degnet » 24 Feb 2018, 21:48

Atleast we have learned things that made us humans,you narrow minded fanatic.Ugly dead.I have known you long enough to know that,you never change,the same thing.What uncivilized people,do you remember armugn about this savages.

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Re: Galla are dangerous, they will destroy Ethiopia

Post by ethiopian » 25 Feb 2018, 01:04

Degnet wrote:Amarignaw ezih endet endeminagerut aytehal?yaskal,ende leloch,ende ene Abaymado ena hatse libne Dengel athun,talk about facts and how to prevent it.
i think i can safely call you ASCARI Ye Talian Gered Lij ....

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Re: Galla are dangerous, they will destroy Ethiopia

Post by Maxi » 25 Feb 2018, 03:10

Degnet wrote:Galla are dangerous, they will destroy Ethiopia
Oh My God! do you start calling our Oromo brothers and sisters "Galla" as a Tigrian Halafi Mangdi Call them? This is not fair. I tough as a 'christian', you were better. It looks like that all Tigrians are the same sh!t :lol: :lol: :lol:

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