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OROMO and AMHARA the fight will continue!!

Post by Gobana » 03 Jan 2018, 10:45

don't be fooled by snake TPLF, they just buying time, here is the thing they will do..........

first they will release the political prisoners and see what happen...
second they will put lemma prime minster........
third, they will put some oromo and amhara generals...........
if we are satisfied with this they will continue ruling behind the desk. after stealing our money and killing so many oromo and amhara they want to leave clean. but it won't happen we love lemma but if he falls for this he will be our enemy as well.

we know why they sent aba dula as a spy we know his not oromo from the beginning. our leaders are smart enough to realize that. when hachalu were singing last time you can see the horror on aba dula's face. he knew what's coming to his people. aka tigrean. there is amhara issue as well they haven't address yet including wolkait and raya. the ANDM must stand strong and kick out all tigrean from their party. so as OPDO.

TPLF wants a safe haven to go, right now they just realized there is nowhere to run. we are louder than their weapons, braver than their own soldiers. the brave oromo will never stop until we get want we want.

don't be fooled continue fighting, our objective, for now, is to get weapons and once we have that we will fight them out in open. no problem.

they want to attack eritrea i know for sure. i got this from some of the members of OPDO and for that they need us. oromo and amhara once again required to pay their blood sacrifice to that godforsaken place.

either way, continue fighting pay no attention to these people at all. we must march forward TPLF and ogaen are our enemies they must leave the union for us to get peace in the future. that should be our ultimate goal.