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Hell Eritreans!

Post by adowa » 03 Jan 2018, 07:00

Even though Eritreans separated from Ethiopia one one shows ha trance against them.
I read Tigrai Online and OMG
They fabricate hates against Tigrai and fooling Tigrai.
Wake up!
TPLF could not lead for 1000s and we should have to correct ourselves from now to live peacefully and in prosperity.
We have to annex Tojoura ,Assab or Somaliland
We must bring back Gadariff
we have to annex Mobabasa coastal areas to Marsabeti
we have to dismantle Eritrea into 9 ethnics
Somali are not trusted and disarm them now and push them back to Somalia in 150 years
close all mosques entire the country because we can solve our domestic politics but Arab religion hard for us and we Christians are minor in the region and we must solidify ourselves like iron