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Agazian veteran cyclist Mahari Dori Medhanie of Adigrat won the largest AU- and EU- joint award for his professional excellency in the field.

Post by minilikze3rd » 03 Jan 2018, 06:13

Mahari Dori, the former Agazian cyclist of the early 90s , was the only black cyclist with international qualifications during that time. He is widely considered as the pioneer professional cycling in modern African history, not just participating in OLympic cycling, in which amateurs widely participated back then. Since then Mehari Dori won many awards as cyclist and as trainer. The charismatic Mahari Dori, a proud agazian Tigrean of Adigrat, had, over the last 15-20 years, trained thousands of African and Ethiopian cyclists, specially the great agazian Tigrean cyclists, among the top-3 in East Africa and top-5 in Africa.
Therefore Mahari Dori deserves the 1.5 million Euro award for his amazingly successful work.