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The Ilubabor Ho'mosexual Tolosa Ibsa, the gallaqueer O agitator, admits being raped by former agazis such as wedimagula and wedishambel, now he is prostituting with the gudela Ho'mo Yosef Yitna

Post by minilikze3rd » 03 Jan 2018, 04:04

Look at the female face of the ligagam and extremely tebtaba, illiterate gallaqueer o; look at the feminine voice, and the repeated saying of eeee, typical galla'queero symptom; look at the feminine way he shakes his creaseless female-aligator-like hands; look at the way he repeates every word countless times, what a retarded galla; look at his spermfilled, smelly, watery, ligagam mouth; look at his decayed galla teeth, though he is only 29 years old the gallaho'mo Tolosa Ibsa( his real name is Gemew Sintayehu), looks like in his 70s; listen to his endless belching; look how he continually farts in every video, listen carefully, he farts as he fidgets in the chair, moving his qedada fa'got galla a'ss; look at the way he cheats, fools, and denigrates amara, hoping to blackmail amara to join his coward galla quee'ro' death-loving orgy -- one time he admitted the farts because the agazis had raped him for years in chora, yayu and metu, and that his gi'matam galla fi'ntita is permanently unzipped like his [ deleted ] mouth; the gallaqueero Tolosa Ibsa is an extremely inferiority complexed ho'mosexual galla of illubabor, the region that originally belonged and will soon belong to the indigenous kulokonta people. Believe me this tebtaba illiterate who cannot even read one sentence without making 10-15 mistakes galla quee'r o Ho'mose4xual galla will die very soon. Look how much he is scared of agazian Tigres, he fears they will kill him along with the 100s of subhuman galla inki'rdads aka qu'eer'os like him.
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Listen to his shrill, irritating, freakish, female voice. The galla is scared so much so that he is begging to hide in gudela skirt.
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Here the gallaho'mo Tolosa practically shows his ho'mosexual traits. No wonder so many gallas have female voice and females gestures. Gallas speak for hours with no substance, and the hom'sexual Tolosa Ibsa is no different on that, the galla quee'ro screams for hours with no substance in it.
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