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TPLF Will be Over Throw If It Failed To Implement

Post by Tigray People Fight » 02 Jan 2018, 23:16

The Tigray People Liberation Front continues unabated mistakes and failures to learn from it's mistake without any doubt have endangered it self and Tigray People in it's stupid backward policy of appeasement,and seeking validation from Tigray People historical Enemies such as the Savage Gallas and most Amhara who are in Eprdf government,the Diaspora and in Ethiopia working covertly with foreign powers such as white western countries, Arabs,Eritrea and Egypt to sabotage TPLF and Tigray People.

If the Tigray People Liberation continued to allowed more Amhara, Galla in sensitive government position,armed services,security appratus,Federal posts and if it allowed election or democracy will ultimately exposed TPLF to be facing over throw it's power by the Banda amhara and Savage Gallas.

Tigray People and TPLF must train more than 200.000 - 500.000 hard core Tigray fighters,public servents to control the entier Ethiopia army,Security appratus,economic power,police,militia ,Federal posts from top to bottom and not trust Gallas or Amhara at all.

We know even by Devine intervention If TPLF loses power no Savage Gallas or Amhara will ever ever rule Ethiopia let alone Tigray.But mean while Tigray must control the entier Ethiopia government,economy, Arm forces, Security appratus and never compormised with Amhara or Savage Galla sharing these positions of power.

In any country the winners of the war are the dominating powers of the country and that include the Tigray People.

Beside TPLF is wasting money and energy in development in Galla and Amhara which will be destroyed by the very same people who burned down all native and foreign investors factories last year not to mention all the public own properties they destroyed and more importantly the massacred they committed on innocent Ethiopians.