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This One Thing

Post by teodroseIII » 01 Jan 2018, 22:26


I remember it as thought it happened just yesterday. When this one thing happened and lifted my spirits. I was in the midst of a turbulent time in my former career as a defense contractor. My former company was undergoing a fundamental transformation; we went from a privately held company to a publicly traded corporation and the threat of layoffs and attrition was all the sudden hanging over everyone’s head. It was during this contentious time that I found myself back at the corporate offices in McLean, Virginia. From the laid back atmosphere of working at client sites all the sudden I started feeling the stress of tight deadlines and tighter personalities competing over ego and pride.

The pressure of endless RFPs and White Papers was getting to me. I felt the noose of corporatism tightening around my neck and the anxiety of lack of work letters and pink slips was affecting my health. My spirits suffered for it; I started to withdraw from my friends and felt the weight of depression slowly inverting my soul from happiness to mournfulness. I did not know it at the time but I would realize over time that the worse thing one can do when feeling ennui is to disconnect from others and wallow in despair alone. I am a giver by nature, my joy has always been derived by how much I could help others and put smiles on the faces of strangers and friends alike. When sorrow became my default position, I felt useless to others. Unable to entertain others because melancholy was grounding my jovial nature into dust, I skulked and withdrew into the shadows of solitary regret.

It was during this season of tribulation that a magical moment occurred in my life. While smoking a cigarette on a random December afternoon and pondering life shrouded by contemplative angst, a lady walked up to me out of the blue and said something that shattered my rumination and refocused my attention away from despondence. “You are blessed, just know that you are loved”. She uttered these words and walked away without saying anything further than that. It was the most serendipitous of interventions; whether she knew it or not, this random stranger planted a seed of hope in my heart. Her act was small but the repercussions of her simple gesture would reverberate throughout my life.

That day was a marker of sorts. Loath to accept help from others and hesitant to let others give to me for fear of being hurt, I learned a long time ago to be a giver out of defensiveness. You see, giving is something I can control. But to receive from others is something that is...continued...

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