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Lemma Megersa must appoint an Oromo Dr. who specializes in HIV/AIDS

Post by MRed » 01 Jan 2018, 16:18

The country of Ethiopia has 1.2 million infected patients and Oromia is the largest region. The country doesn't produce the meds needed to treat people. Understand how large 1.2 million is, these people need to be treated so, that they can't infect others.

1. Ethiopia needs to invest in producing generic HIV meds.
2. Ethiopia needs to produce condoms, start a factory.
3. Ethiopia needs to also produce prep for prostitutes and [deleted] men.
4. The country needs to test so, they also need to make it available for everyone.
5. HIV/AIDS should be part of yearly checks.

It's up to regional government to fund this for Oromia.