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Breaking News new video: North Tigray said goodbye the name of Eritrea citizenship which was painted on me as slave and you took my pride, I do not want to see you again in my Geezland???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 01 Jan 2018, 01:23

This is exactly I have been waiting for new smart and proud generation to come and destroy what the evil Graziani did to the native Geezland people. It is not a shame something happened upon you by other forces you could not control them in the past but it is a shame for humanity to adore the evil and atrocity committed on your people with no cause and take them as a pride and celebrate them every year. In 1991 Shaebia should have eradicated all the evil memories in north Tigray and changed to their own history and culture, rather they embraced them and even invited the evil criminals to come to north Tigray to celebrate the old evil crime has flourished on the new generation to evict them from their parents home to the unknown and cruel world.