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Eritrea vs. Amara and Eritrea vs. tigre/weyane

Post by Abaymado » 31 Dec 2017, 15:00

For me, Eritrea/shabiya look like a woman who was raped by weyane, and weyane wants again. But shabiya is running away or give warnin
g by saying: " I will shoot you in your head if you touch me"....Again for me, Ethiopia looks giant pryin tertms of economy and other prospects, but Eritrea looks have better internal stability and confidence
I don't know what situation will be if both dictators start living together. I think different ethnic societies in Eritrea also scared weyane for two reasons:
One, weyane may ignore them and make whole country tigre speaking people. Secondly, weyane may superimpose its strict rule on them like they did to Ethiopians

Of course if the negotiation plan with Eritrea worked, who knows if Isayas Afewerwi will not be killed? And also they may have big chance of eating each other.

Peace in the region will come only if amara is involved in their deal, and only when they are part of the union. Eritreans frightening toward amara is clear, that is why they are crying day and night for gallas.