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Aba Dula Ex P.O.W Once Again Surrender.

Post by Tigray People Fight » 30 Dec 2017, 17:03

Aba Dula the Galla and his armies that was defeated by fierce Tigray fighters and captured as prisoners of war to the dismay of Savage Gallas and budaa Amhara have once again surrender his hands to his saviours, the mighty TIGRAY People.No all the budaa Amhara who completely ignored the plights of innocent Amhara People suffering massacre in Galla this year so the Amhara can make a fake temporary alliance with the Savage Galla to undermine TPLF have exposed thier True Banda nature to the entire Ethiopia people and the world.

Even these budaa Amhara are supporting the Savage Gallas to re-take Addis Ababa as the capital city of Galla against the interest of the residents of Addis Ababa who hates the Savage Gallas more than anything.

We the Tigray People will defeat our enemies one by one on the diplomatic arena or the battlefield.

Long Live Tigray People!!!