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I never understood president Gedu

Post by Eth0ash » 30 Dec 2017, 15:54

The president should be the "god" of the party and all members should bow before him however when 90% percent of your central committee is voting for TPLF then my friends you need to change tactics.

The president can see who votes what on what bill. I'm advising Gedu to punish and yes those who disrespect the wishes of god face judgment day.

If I was the president, I wouldn't let one [email protected] disrespect my law. If Gedu was a strong president, he would have had Bereket Simon begging for mercy on his knees.

This is my suggestion to Gedu and ANDM.

Punish those who step out of boundaries either by death or torture. What you want is for your party to vote 100% percent on whatever bill you desire. You will not get this through being nice or talking. It can be achieved only through spilling blood.

Bereket is just a child, he needs a father to guide him not a friend.... :lol: :lol: :lol: