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The Death of Erica Garner and a Reflection of Our Society

Post by teodroseIII » 30 Dec 2017, 14:53


She died in the shadow of a tragedy. At the age of 27, Erica Garner succumbed to a heart attack and the ensuing complications that induced severe brain damage. She fought gallantly and clung to life for more than six days before she took her last breath and transitioned to the next phase of her journey. Erica became a household name in many households after she took on the mantle of social justice upon her father’s inhumane death at the hands of the NYPD.

Erica became a lightening rod in a political atmosphere where society has been conditioned to see culture and politics through the prism of ideology. Even as her family mourns her death, too many are using her passing as a bludgeon to prove political points. What is lost in the conversation is that Erica was a daughter, mother and a sister to many. At her age, the last thing on my mind was equality and justice as I was too busy partying and chasing the excesses of desire. Erica chose a different path; she decided to speak up. Through her activism, she amplified the voice of her father Eric Garner whose last words were “I can’t breath”.

It is getting harder and harder to see each other as fellow humans; our differences are glossing over our common struggles. We are so entrenched in our defensive postures that we only grieve when people who are in our camp suffer. Mourning is becoming situational where we only feel empathy for others if they resemble our thinking or our identity. If we only learned to understand each other through our commonality of pains instead of seeing each other through the lens of antagonism, we would realize that we are...continued...

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