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Launch! Daily Ghion Water

Post by teodroseIII » 30 Dec 2017, 08:20


This is the launch of the “Daily Ghion Water”, a rundown of articles from non-corporate news and independent journalists. The initial set of links are limited to publications that I’m aware of. Over time, I really want this segment to grow and have this be a gathering place for people to exchange ideas and share articles they find to be refreshing.

Our readers and supporters are growing in astonishing fashion, we are now ranked 920,000 in the world, not bad considering that there are nearly 2 billion websites in the world at last count. It is my hope that people who count the Ghion Journal as a source of news and information interact with each other so that people can share ideas and formulate solutions. More importantly, it is my hope that we can just learn to talk to each other instead of talking past one another, so please use this forum to comment below and get to know other readers.

The reason it’s called the Ghion Water is because the Nile River was renamed from the Ghion River to its present imposed name. Now you know why our publication is called the “Ghion Journal”, some people will understand the significance behind the word Ghion and why mercenaries and historical propagandists chose to rename the river that is still called the Abay (father) Ghion in my native land Ethiopia. There is a reason why our tagline is “fight ignorance with knowledge”.

One last thing before I lead with the summary and links, I’m looking for...continued...

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