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I'm the first in the world to tell you that weyane has finished its 18-days-long meeting with vague victory, to be followed by a chain of clear victories from March to May, enabling it to rule 4gd.

Post by minilikze3rd » 30 Dec 2017, 04:39

Now that the G&G losers, the two traitorous groups, are named and shamed, rendering them completely deflated and subdued; next, the ultimate cowards, the cursed ho'moshenays, will be weyane's prominent or eminent, imminent target.
FYI:You really do not know how much the charismatic and brilliant Samrean spymaster, His Excellency Getachew Asefa the omnipotent Endertan hero comparable to Ras-Reusan Weldeselase, had seriously resented Meles for prematurely stopping the war at the gates of Asmera. That tells you where the heroic Getcho is heading to ...for his next yummi dinner.... across the border.

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