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Abadula Gemeda narrowly escaped death penalty

Post by Thomas H » 29 Dec 2017, 21:21

EPRDF Politics : Aba Dula is Back!
Dec 29, 2017 - Aba Dula Gemeda has rescinded his resignation and is returning to his post as Speaker of the House for now. The speaker is quoted to have said he is ready to accept any position EPRDF is assigning him to fill in and that he will be returning to Parliament as Speaker of the House! Meantime Ato Bereket Simon has also said he will be ready to work in any capacity EPRDF will assign him.

EPRDF executives have just concluded their marathon meeting and more executive decision(s) are expected to come, Stay-tuned! Aigaforum Dec 29, 2017

My question to the distinguished ER forumers is "Do you think he should be forgiven"?

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Re: Abadula Gemeda narrowly escaped death penalty

Post by gearhead » 30 Dec 2017, 00:39

The minute Getachew Assefa went into the meeting of the executive, he renderer the gathering be of no consiquence to the rest of the ethiopian people.

It is a conflict of interest and illegal to be the chief of security and serve as an executive in TPLF.
As such, the one month and a half meeting of TPLF encapsulated by the incomprehensible gibberish of Dr. Debretsion, as well as the so called EPRDF executive meeting has been nothing but a waste.

Woyane that is of no-use but of for its own ego utility, will inherently pick the 1 wrong choice of 99 good available. It is the nature of things where a country is run for the arrogant pride of a few fellows.

Getachew has outdone himself on this one. He should pump that beastly chest of pride as he diggs himself deeper by nullifying the objective of the meeting.

It is such that, TPLF had been too much even for the staunch EPRDF suporters, Abadula and Bereket. Not that these two were saints, but their conscious could take no more of the no-bottoms approach of the post meles TPLF. Their first choice, in absence of duress is the one that is so telling. The one that preceeded the arm twisting that sent them back to the final pit!

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