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Media for the Silenced Humanity

Post by teodroseIII » 28 Dec 2017, 10:40


I witnessed the most horrific accident last night in Herndon, Virginia. A van was smashed violently by a truck on Centreville Road as a sea of police officers and EMT personnel were frantically attending to victims stuck inside. I did not see the initial collision; in all honesty I was busy editing the latest Ghion Cast to realize that right outside of the window something truly grim had taken place. It was not until the sound of helicopter blades started to shake the neighborhood that I was stirred to look outside. All the sudden I was entranced; a quiet Northern Virginia suburb had been transformed into what looked like a war zone—car parts were strewn about and blue lights flashing everywhere.

As ghastly as the accident was, my first reaction was to gaze and speculate. In fact, I thought about rushing to my phone to broadcast the tragic scene as some type of exclusive footage for the Ghion Journal. But then I thought the better of it and realized that the people below were in dire straights. This was no time to rubber neck nor was this a time to use a catastrophe as a means of catching eyeballs and clicks. Unable to do anything else, I decided to pray and hope everyone in the wreckage of steel and smashed windows would survive what looked to be a deadly accident.

Yet, in this most dire situation, I also saw the best of humanity. The red van had three kids in the back and a mother in the driver seat. They were a “black” family and the vast majority of attending police officers and emergency personnel were “white”. Yet, these non-nonsensical labels of black and white and the endless ways we are conditioned to see each other differently were all washed away by the...continued...

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