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It's Now Or Never!!!

Post by tarik » 28 Dec 2017, 00:19

Z Ethiopian youth only chance is now 2 take over z Menelik palace away from z Terrorist-Tigray-Tplf!!! and Declare a coup de ta, terrorist-tigray-tplf r @ their lowest morale get rid of them now!!!

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Re: It's Now Or Never!!!

Post by minilikze3rd » 28 Dec 2017, 01:52

Problem is the 75 million gallas and Gudelas already know the fajat ar'teran ho'moshenay's one million militia cannot challenge even one agazian Tigre division, You tekmatam ho'mosexual ar'teran senile, do not waste your time hoping to see the end of your weyanetegre master, molester, and sole liberator, and actually, the dikalu weyanetegres like debretsion are now gonnabe invincible so long as agazian tigres keep hating the abominable Gudelas and gallas, which means no force on earth can challenge the dikalu koshasha weyanetegres like the UFO-looking debretsion, as they promised to fix their problems with agazian tigres such as Azeb and Abay weldu. If weyanes were about to sense to lose 4kilo, they would have already captured Asmera , Masawa, Aseb, etc. The end of weyane in4kilo will herald the complete re-colonization of ar'tera by its eternal agazian masters. Weyane can subdue ar'tera in just 65 hours. Mark my word on that!
Now look at lady Mred aka gigi keya, the galla [deleted] living on German welfare, he-she is giving up on Alemash Mergesa, the notorious traitor gallaho'mo, who just tried but failed to bite the very very powerful agazian Tigre hand that made him a leader from a dirtypoor galla listro who shined my Minjar relatives shoes.

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