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Bwendimu thinks there is no human right but human nature that must be liberated from state and religious institutions

Post by Bwendimu » 27 Dec 2017, 16:43

What a heck is human right?
There is nothing like human right in nature. This is an empty phrase that was originated from Europe that was languishing under Catholic church deprived of any right. The church took all liberty and categorized them either to sin or crimes. What they call human right is actually what we call human nature. Eating and drinking is not a right but what we should do pushed by our nature. Every living thing must eat and drink because life requires it. Same with talking. Man is a man because he talks. No one should stop you from talking because it is your nature. No one got right over speech. That is why in America you can't make law that limit individual right to free speech. Both dictatorial states and religious institution are always after our very nature. Think of the religious rule that say thy shall not commit adultery. Sex in nature is free just like speech. But here it is restricted by human institution. Human rights never exist by our nature that must not be restricted. We got by nature many urges and no body should make laws against natural urges.