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Terror as a weapon and political agenda

Post by Hillal » 27 Dec 2017, 10:58

The Al Qaeda and Mujahideen extremists are the illegitimate children of the US erroneous international policy disasters.

Carter's national security advisor, Brzezinski, went as far as the Afghan mountains to bless their cause. In one of his pep talks, he told the Mujahideen fighters that their cause was right and they were on God's side.

The alliance made in hell was intended to bleed the Soviets and give them a taste of their own Vietnam. It worked at first, but its unintended consequences were tragic.

We were told that the Sheiks in the Tora Bora mountain caves, who used to be American allies, had declared war on America. 9/11 came at the most opportune time and the war on terror was declared in earnest.

The mad rush to put the neocon gospel of world domination and hegemony in practice had begun. The guiding principles of either you are with us or against us or rather my way or the highway Gunboat diplomacy became the law of the land.

Clinton, a s-e-x addict and a political animal were brought to sell to the world that terrorism was the number one national security threat to the USA. A moron and a recovering addict, Bush, who wore his religious beliefs on his sleeves and believes that he had the ability to talk to the higher power was brought as the crusader in chief. Obama is just a house negro brought to maintain and keep the Neocon house of cards from crumbling.

Now, all bets are off, we have a white supremacist war monger with no clues about international politics in the White House. Afterall, military escalation, air strikes of various sorts, special operations raids, and general bellicosity all look “presidential” and so play well with the American people.

The Americans made a mockery of justice and international law. The international laws and regulations that guided international relations become obsolete. International boundaries, sovereignty, and diplomacy became history.

The era of a militarized international policy was ushered. Wars were declared under the flimsiest of pretexts. The rule of law was converted into the law of the jungle. The devastation, destruction and mayhem created as a result were immense.

According to Global Research, the strategy for the new world order is centered on who controls Eurasia. The area covers from Egypt, Eritrea, and Sudan in the west to the Middle East, Europe to the Central Asian Republics in the east.

This area is home to the 40% of the world energy reserves. Whether we like it or not we are part of the Eurasia powder keg. We are sailing with the big ships and playing hardball with the powers that want to control, dominate and exploit this strategic area. Thus, our dealings with the powers that be must be looked through this global strategic prism.

Brzezinski's Eurasia strategic plan and political chess board was put into practice. The fragmentation of the Soviet Union was not enough. NATO expansion eastward is continuing unabated. Ukraine is now the new battleground. The fragmentation of Russia into smaller mini-republics is the final plan.

Not learning from their past mistakes, they are using the Neo-Nazis and Takfiri militants (Al Qaeda affiliate) ISIS/ Califate Project terror groups in Ukraine and the Middle East respectively to implement their evil agenda. Al Shebab, Boko Haram, and the Sahara Al Qaeda are the African editions. Their hard to watch gruesome, barbaric and heinous crimes are splashed on the social media on a daily basis.

The US and its allies are fond of dictators as long as they toe the American line. There can't be a more vivid example than the minority of a minority brutal and Genocidal regime in Ethiopia. A regime with none of Ethiopia's best interest at heart is destroying a nation of100 million people with the blessing of the Americans.

When the voice of a political nation s silenced by troops when 100s of thousands are forced to flee their homeland, when thousands are killed in genocidal massacres, when every Ethiopian is a terror suspect and every dissident is hunted like a wild animal, every Ethiopian have the right to ask why so many of my people had suffered for so long and question and oppose the deafening silence of the minority regime's benefactors and the fake news apparatchiks.

Today, we are living in a very dangerous world. Failed and failing states are mushrooming around us. The lofty ideals of liberty, freedom, democracy, rule of law and human dignity are now used as a coverup for the US hegemonic drive and the building of their empire.

In fact, democracy, elections, and the ballot box became the code words used in the destabilization of nations, vertically dividing populations and in the end invading, colonizing, intimidating, bullying, exploiting and raping nations.

Leaders who uphold the public trust and worked relentlessly for the betterment of their peoples and nations become the prime targets of this empire building crusade. They had to be demonized, defamed, discredited and vilified before they are overthrown by violent and nonviolent means and replaced by their stooges and puppets.

It isn't a rocket science to figure that navigating the Eritrean ship of state in these turbulent times requires the wisdom of Solomon, sophistication, experience, gusto, and guts made of steel and tested on fire. We have to count our blessings for we have a leadership in Eritrea that possess these qualities and more.

Finally, it seems the world is saying enough is enough. A correct analysis of the of current political and economic power dynamics seems to indicate that there is a seismic shift towards the east. The unipolar world is slowly becoming multipolar and it's the change that Eritrea believes in and welcomes.