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Ascaris have no policy towards Ethiopia

Post by MRed » 27 Dec 2017, 02:17

I think Oromo and Amhara should support the sanctions against Eritrea. Ascari is supporting every rebel group because it can't defeat TPLF nor repeat its success. You can't support Oromo and Somali, you have to divorce one. You can't support TPDM while you dance with Amhara. If ascaris have hatred for Amharas then we have a problem.

Ascari is supporting AG7,ONLF and OLF. All those are fake because ascaris and Agames have similar thought process. Personally I don't care about those useless groups because I have more trust on with those inside EPRDF than those in Asmara.

Amhara and Oromo should never change their policy towards Eritrea till the Ascaris make up their [email protected] minds. You can't be allies of Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan while being in beds with Egypt and Somalia.

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Re: Ascaris have no policy towards Ethiopia

Post by Degnet » 27 Dec 2017, 13:04

You need first to be reasonable,how do you want people to reply to you,you keep people here to spend their time for nothing,you have no identity.

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