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Ras Gobena was a hero for Oromos

Post by MRed » 26 Dec 2017, 19:11

Ras Gobena placed the Oromo nation under Menelik and he did it right. We have many emotional Oromos who don't know anything about history. Oromos survived because of Menelik because the Somalis were armed by Ottoman empire and the Europeans were looking to conquer. All Gobena did was unite the Oromo ethnic under Shoan monarchy and it would have been perfect if all Oromos became Orthodox Christians then we would have united 100% percent.

The question now is will OPDO correct history, the hero deserves to be recognized for his bravery? The Oromo nation would have lost to either against Gobena who was Oromo or Europeans or Ottoman backed Somalis. I'm happy it was Ras Gobena and Menelik who won and not our enemies...... :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Ras Gobena was a hero for Oromos

Post by Khysion » 26 Dec 2017, 21:19

Mred: There is no doubt after Oromos contributed heavily for modern day Ethiopia. But you made errors about Somalis. Firstly Ottomans were weak during the 19th century so they cant help Somalis and secondly, the Abbysinians were getting major support from the Europeans.

Here's a Somali hero who fought against colonization and was a hero to all Africans.

The ruler of Dervish state was called Mohammed Abdullah Hassan AKA Mad Mullah who was the greatest commander in the African history and he successfully defeated European alliance and Ethiopians and supported other Africans for their freedom in Africa. He was the real hero, not some wannabe Menelik who didn't support Africans but wanted to rule other territories for his selfish reasons.

Mad Mullah statue in Mogadishu.


Mad Mullah and his powerful Dervish forces.


Him standing in his palace in Taleex the capital of Dervish state.


The Dervish nation successfully defeated the Ethiopians and made the Habesha forces ran back to their mountains and even with the support of Britain, Italy and France. They still failed and the resistance by the Somali's never ended until Somali's fought against each other. The Dervish nation was considered the real empire for Africa that stood against the white man, not Ethiopians who had an alliance with them against other Africans.

The Dervish state map.


They had a powerful and advanced forces that put fear against the Europeans and their Ethiopian puppets. :lol:



Heres an interesting historical source showing that Dervish state was not the only longest colonial resistance in Africa but also the Muslim world and were able to hold of multiple European powers.


In my eyes, he was the best Somali leader of all time as he only wanted to unite all Somali territories under his rule and make Somalis to have their own independent Muslim nation.

Just watch the video for yourself and you'll understand:

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