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Sadacha Macca
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1876 a quick look at when oromo warriors ambushed yohannes's soldiers!

Post by Sadacha Macca » 26 Dec 2017, 18:59

''Gobana Dacce was born in 1821 in Wagda, Shawa. He was a brave horseman, and many Oromo rallied around him. Menelik conferred upon him the title Dajjazmach (literally, commander of the gate), which boosted his career as well as support from the other Oromo. The year 1876 could be considered a significant year for Gobana's surge in power. At that time, Yohannes of Tigray, the next significant ruler after Tewodros, marched through Shawa in the region where Gobana was chief; his army spread throughout the countryside, plundering the villages for food. Gobana took the opportunity to ambush the tigrayan isolated soldiers, capturing more than a 1,000 snider and remington rifles.''

[Integration and Peace in East Africa: A History of the Oromo Nation
By T. Etefa, pg 176]

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Re: 1876 a quick look at when oromo warriors ambushed yohannes's soldiers!

Post by tarik » 26 Dec 2017, 22:18

Sadacha Macca

Good Evening Sir

'Gobana Dacce was born in 1821 in Wagda, Wow, I did not know that history. Great job he did for beating z terrorist-yohanes of beggar tigray. That is what i am talking about. War starategy. We Need more like him today warriors and strategists on z fields. Awsome indeed. Thankx 4 sharing bro.

Good Evening Sir

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Re: 1876 a quick look at when oromo warriors ambushed yohannes's soldiers!

Post by Degnet » 27 Dec 2017, 06:40

ye tarikn hadid wede huala lememeles,the journalist and writer Sebhat Gebregziabher before the taking power of the derg/the over throw of the emperror

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Re: 1876 a quick look at when oromo warriors ambushed yohannes's soldiers!

Post by present » 27 Dec 2017, 14:29

Gobena is Gobena, period, one of the top Generals of Ethiopia.

Our history is full of leaders fighting each other for power. But the common thing that all our previous warriors had was that they didn't compromise with Ethiopia, that includes Yohanes. When an outside , non-Ethiopians show up, our ancestors acted as ONE. The current OPDO&ANDM unity remindes me of our past. Our ancesters didn't have political union but they had unity when it comes to defending our lands. It's sounds to me know that we are repeating history, with the outsider enemy being ascaris. There will be emerging stories that will pop up from ANDM&OPDO camp regarding tplf top dogs, their hidden agenda, their interactions with shabia. It's going to be interesting! That is why there is not even a single agame in TPLF.

Anyways, The ascaris are our enemies. Not agames. Ascaris are non Ethiopians. We Ethiopians came together and acted as ONE again at Badime. We are doing the same thing now because we have understood now that TPLF ascari is a foreign entity.

This generation of tigrays seem to be mislead by ascari-tplf especially after they elected Kinijit. Remember Kininit won 100% in tigray just about a decade ago. So the agame acted as ONE with the rest of Ethiopians, since that election, though, something horrible happend to the tigrays which I think is why they are quiet.

Anyways-- ascari-ertrean-tplf would do anything to agames, we know that. Hawzen massacre on agames done by ascaris is a good example!

So I personally don't see Yohanes as our enemy. That's is my personal position, but Ascari Tarik ofcourse does not think so!

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