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Today I was so excited when I discovered the secret behind circumcision. The detail of this story shall be in your hands soon in a book form.

Post by Bwendimu » 26 Dec 2017, 12:26

While I venture into the lab of the gods and investigate the day Adamu was born I came to one funny part. Man was perfected over years of try and error. The last perfected child that the was engineered from Hoxmo Erectus and Anunakies got one small problem from becoming in the likeness of the createres. While Anunakies were born cercumcized these breed of humans born with for skin on their penus just like the homxoerectus. The process of resembelling the gods completes by cercumcizing the male. When Jehova or Enlil who was commander of the Anunakies told Abram to cercumcize he was perfecting him as himself. Only a cecumcized male satisfy the original likeness of the createres the Anunakies.
Say amen to this.
I am translating the 5000 years old Sumerians account on how man was created to Amaric and soon I complete the first volume. Reading the Jews account in the Bibile keep you in dark and it is a very destorted false account of creation. Very very interesting staff you shall know. This shall make you the few chosen because it also point to the creater of all in a very odd way. You also know the God of the Bible is a mortal Anunaki not the creater of all.
See you then