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Confused: Don't worry brother, I saw the message that the killer Khysion deleted

Post by MRed » 26 Dec 2017, 02:28

You embarrassed this fool and now he resorted to deleting messages. What a punk. He's a killer and he will pay for what his savage people did to innocent Oromos in Mieso.Oromia. This is what you do to people like him, instead of posting on his thread. You put his name on the title and then make your own thread therefore he can't delete it. That is why I always use that method against my enemies.

He's too embarrassed to have that message seen by any other person, we know what you did on him... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Read my article and tell me anything that I should add before I publish it on tomorrow morning. ... so-oromia/

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Re: Confused: Don't worry brother, I saw the message that the killer Khysion deleted

Post by confused » 26 Dec 2017, 03:02

While I may not agree with your extreme are more accomplished by setting up your own online journal to reach and influence thousands in Ethiopia ....likewise your Jawar Mohamed FB account...though ethically questionable, is another means to promote your rather extreme views....some say the means justify the end...

Your antagonists don't have the smarts beyond barking on this forum ...which has no visibility in Ethiopia...

You on the other hand have the attention of your followers and the decision makers...who more than likely are regularly monitoring your messages....

I do not know what they will make of your messages, but at the very least your opinions should cause them concern...

If what you reported is is a good article...I suggest a correction meant "him" rather than "me"...

"I asked me on what basis did the attack start and he responded by telling us that the Issa in that area who are Somali tribe want to expand into Oromia regional state’s Mieso which belongs to Oromia on the basis of 204 referendum."

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