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The following report from the BBC in 2005 may sound like the The Nazi party's Generalplan Ost policy (the Master Plan for the East) where the Nazi party tried to create a "Lebensraum" (living room) for the Arian race.The following BBC report was made while the TPLF and meles Zenawi were about to accomplish their "Western Tigray policy" which ws aim at creating a living room to what Meles called " the Golden ethnic group", i.e Tigrians. Hundreds of thousands of Tigrians were settled in Wolkait and Tsegede, the heart land of Amharas.The BBC reported:

"Hadguy Mirutz has decided to abandon his plot of dusty land near Mekele in Tigray. He has volunteered to move hundreds of miles to a new home where he has been told he will get two hectares of rich, fertile soil in Wolkait. ( ... 312717.stm)

The TPLF did have a Southern Tigray policy, too. It annexed Raya from Wollo and made it a yet another trophy to Tigrians. The land grabbing policy was only the first step to a forthcoming colonial-like repression.Not only the land, the people has to be TIGRIANIZED. In Korem and Alamata elementary school teachers from Tigray are prohibiting the native Agaw and Amhara students from speaking their own languages. In Benishangul and Gumuz kilil thousands of Tigrians are settled to exploit the area that is rich in gold. The language policy will definitly follow.The army has got a strict policy to protect each and every Tigrian settler and evacuate them by air, if possible, if natives show some hostility. The ill-disgusied Tigrian investers in Gambela, that are locally called TPLF envoys, were granted huge amounts of money taken fron the so called Development Bank.[deleted] was not long ago that these "investers" demanded more security and more money to continue their messions. The Oromo are being punshed for resisiting exploitation. The regime is using the Somali region as a spring board to attack the Oromo. One cannot understand the TPLF anger if one does not realize what the TPLF hoped for and get denied by the popular upriasing. That include the "Meles Zenawi village ". meles is a sworn enemy of Ethiopia and a narrow-minded nationalist that lived and died for Tigray.If he needed some "village" named after him, it would suit him to have it in Tigray. But, ther is no land in tigray. Besides, the aim of the "village" was to grabb land. That land was found in the Oromo region and was fensed and protected to be used exlusively by Tigrians.