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Savage Zoomalis stole Jarso-Oromo businesses and killed 3 Oromo kids by fire

Post by MRed » 25 Dec 2017, 15:40

Business owners from minority Jarso clan had their wealth stolen, it reminds me of the Zoomali civil war. Savage Ogaden animals were stealing wealth from other tribes in Kismayo before Gen. Morgan came into the city but when he collapsed then the animals continued stealing.

Message to Oromia police: Confiscate all goats, cows and camels from Zoomalis inside Oromia and any wealth they may have then kick them out of our national borders of 1991.

One Jarso man has lost a 5 star hotel in Jijiga and now Ogadens who are in the same family of Illey run it. Payback must be a must, Zoomali savages burning children alive in Zoomaliland and the Ogaden thieves must payback with their lives.

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Re: Savage Zoomalis stole Jarso-Oromo businesses and killed 3 Oromo kids by fire

Post by Khysion » 25 Dec 2017, 17:04

MRed: Jarso were originally Somalis, specifically belong to the Dir tribe until the Galla expansion against Adal Sultanate when the kingdom got weakened due to its war against Abyssinian kingdom and Portuguese Empire.

"By Somali reckoning, the founder of Dawaro Sultanate was Jārso people belonging to the Ali Madaḥweyne branch which is a sub-clan of Dir. After the Oromo migrations, the ʿAli Madaḥweyne Dir were absorbed into the Afran Qallo Barentuma confederation, and today the Jarso are reckoned as Jārsō Daggā Qāllō Barentuma Oromō."

Lastly, show some evidence of Somali regional forces harming any east Hararghe civilians, especially Jarso people? You're such a liar! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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