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How ANC and NP concluded their years of fight. A lesson for Ethiopia. by me

Post by Bwendimu » 25 Dec 2017, 08:25

The NP engineered racist South Africa and caused lots of pain to native South Africans. It took all resources and limited all political rights to few whites privileged class while it created "independent states" of South African native peoples and kept natives out of South African political and economic life. It denied equal opportunity in almost every thing and created a privilege white class.
This triggered the black resistance that lead to creation of ANC. Unlike NP ANC made its policy to work for equal right for all. It called for unity of all South Africans and fought to the end for this holy agenda. In the years it struggled against NP it lost many of its leaders to long term detention on Robin Island ( which I got a chance to visit). After 27 years of bitter struggle the struggle concluded by release of Mandela. The world recognized the then NP government leader as important as Mandela himself for he took step that once totally impossible by once more legalizing the ANC and release its leaders from prison.
From this all people benefited because every thing was done through negotiations and there was little or no havoc as a result of change in politics. The whites recognized right of every South African and the country democracy was taken to the next level. Private property was not touched even though the white accumulated in Ill ways. Regardless of how the wealth was got and who owns it its importance to the country was paramount and private property was left in the hands of the whites.
Our country should follow similar path and settle its political questions first and approach the economic inequality gradually. It is not by destroying companies that employ citizens we progress but by creating more of them. Let us learn from the past and use the new lesson to build just society that cater justice to all equally.