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Bwendimu thinks OPDO got hand on TPLF secret.

Post by Bwendimu » 24 Dec 2017, 16:36

OPDO may have very damaging information on top TPLF guys which it gathered through Lamma Magarsa and Dr Abyyi. The two were in key positions. They are so bold and fearless in what they do. I think the secret can be what each TPLF top leadership is doing not only in corruption but may be on how they plan to kill each other. We all know the diqalus are always conspiring against real Tigires and these Tigires can be behind OPDO and ANDAM conspiracy. Aboy Sibiat is trying to save his a$$ by making peace with Shabia so that the great exodus of diqalus begins with looted wealth. That may anger Tigirai lijooch and division created. There are so many dark activities these pro Shabia elements were doing against Ethiopia and Tigires.
Conspiracy theory. You can call it. :mrgreen: