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How I handle Zoomalis on FB and especially the Abdi Illey Zoomalis

Post by Eth0ash » 23 Dec 2017, 20:46

1. This Zoomali shows me fake genocide photos and tells me this is what your Oromo people did.

This is me:

2. I tell them the Oromo people were fighting Al Shaabab so, instead of barking maybe you should be thanking us.

The Zoomali:

3. [email protected] you Galla, you did and you will pay.


4. Listen up you worthless Zoomali, we Oromos tried to help you by killing your enemy Al Shaabab but very soon you will taste the same medicine.

They don't respond so, I end it by telling them to give Farmaajo a call and tell him to come to Adama, Oromia to congratulate the brave Oromo warriors for fighting and killing those Al Shaabab fighters in eastern Oromia.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

The brave Oromos kliled 70 Al Shaabab members and this is the thanks we get. Where is the thanks PM Khayre or president Farmaajo. The brave Oromos are here fighting against the Al Shaabab terrorists but you don't thank us?