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TPLF must open and read its history of atrocity

Post by Bwendimu » 23 Dec 2017, 20:03

First it deported Eriterans from Ethiopia and looted their property
Second it conducted devastitating war that claimed close to 70,000 Eriterans
Then using its diplomatic tie it kept Eriteria isoleted claiming they support Alshabab. I think among all its neighbors Eriteria is waiting moment of revenge this keep TPLF busy thinking what to do in case it is evicted from Ethiopia as a front.

Then the Ogadenees and Somalia Somalies were cleared of the earth by TPLF military machine and Somalies are waiting for their day.

The Gambellas and Benishangul were masacared like dogs on their own soil. They too wait for their time.

The Amara lost all their fertile lands to Tigires and different under ground systems were used to depopulate them. 2.5 Amaras were lost according to them. Amara is waiting for proper time to get back all it lost to them.

Oromos were targated as OLF and many lost their lives and properties to them. There is big hatred against them in all Oromiya

In Tigirai many Tigires were denied right to any thing just because they were born in wrong Awuraja. They may rise up before the flood carries them with TPLF and target the local cadire and seek reconciliation with their country men otherwise Eriterians will destroy them if others refuse to defend Tigire people.