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Kezab-news lies: Sharia advocate Arab wanabe "refuses to go home"

Post by Mesob » 23 Dec 2017, 19:56

Another stinking lies as is normal from the Jihadi and Islamist web of lies, AKA, Kezab-News from the home of the Arabist Janjawid gangs. No prisoner could refuse to go to his home in Eritrea, given the opportunity, otherwise, Isaias will send him by hired Taxi from the streets.
I will never support any insane idiot calling for Wahabi Sharia Islamic rules, Hijabs or imposing Arabic languages by burning the Tigrinya-Tigre languages in Africa.

Awash wrote:
After almost two months in jail, sources reported to Gedab News that Hajji Mussa, who was arrested by the government security forces is seriously ill...