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Tigray People Fight
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Ethiopia Somali Got The Support of All Ethiopians

Post by Tigray People Fight » 23 Dec 2017, 18:26

Every Tigray People are angry,sadden to what happened to the innocent defenseless Ethiopia Somali who suffered untold barbaric,Savage act by Gallas who mutilated innocent Ethiopia Somali women, children have angered ,upset the entier Tigray People.The Tigray People who liberated the entier Ethiopia after huge sacrifices never committed harmed to prisoners of Ethiopia soldiers who were guilty of crimes let alone to harm innocent Ethiopians.All capture criminal soldiers were sent home to thier families by the highly civilized Tigray People.But today the Savage Gallas are desecrating,butchering, mutilating innocent Ethiopia Somali,different Ethiopians, Amhara in thier fake region for the entier world to see.The Day will come when the entier fake Galla region will engulf in endless civil wars by the various Galla clans and religious sectors and an imminet war that will come from Ethiopia Somali and other Ethiopians from all corners of the country.The ungratefull Galla have forgotten that every freedom, development,culture, Federal budget, authonomy was given to them by the selfless Tigray People who sacrifice thier life and meager resources to liberated Ethiopia.Time Will Tell.

Long Live Tigray People!!!

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Re: Ethiopia Somali Got The Support of All Ethiopians

Post by Khysion » 23 Dec 2017, 22:49

Tigray People Fight: Yes brother. Gallas have shown their true savage side and its Somalis duty to unite and bring justice so they can get back their lost historical territory along with Amhara and other native Cushites in Ethiopia.

Long Live the people of Tigray!


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